these ideas are not so big, but they should be shared…



in conversation with danielle doby, #iamhertribe…

We spoke to the founder of the #IAmHerTribe movement, learning what influences her, what grounds her, and what she is reading.



@bluestocking bookshelf

We meet the creator behind @bluestockingbookshelf, and find out what she likes to read.



new release: Eggshell Skull by Bri Lee

We are in an era where the treatment of women is a hot topic, and it should be. Bri Lee speaks out about her time working in the Australian court system, revealing the "Boys Club" mentality that needs to change.



Let's get philosophical: Back to Basics...

Learn about the great philosophers from Buddha to today's, Peter Singer. Giving you plenty of space to figure out what you respond to, the book is a launching pad for further research into new and old ideas on humanity and metaphysics...



Non-Fiction Books:

Expand your mind with these reviewed and recommended non-fiction books...



Rug up this winter with a good book...

The Holiday meets Bridget Jones' Diary, Lost Dog and Lonely Hearts is a feel good read, perfectly pairing with a few blankets, a fireplace and a good cup of tea.



low risk, high reward: five star reads

Earning full stars in their reviews, these books the ones you must add to your collection.



Underrated book: Insatiable by Gael Greene

Gael Greene recounts her life from the 1960's and beyond, working as a famed food critic and dining at some of the world's finest restaurants, while also living a life of scandalous fun...



books you can read in one day...

Quick to read, but not at all lacking in quality content, these commitment free books are full of wonder.