eternal darkness by j.f. johns

When I first heard about Eternal Darkness it definitely sounded fascinating, a book where the world is split into humans and cyborgs but Scarlet Lock finds out that she is neither after waking up and not remembering anything that happened in the past 20 years. She then tries to figure out what she is and what had happened to her with the help of a group of cyborgs. All I have been hearing about this debut novel by J.F. Johns has been great things and after reading this book myself I am not disappointed.

I have never really ventured into a world with cyborgs in it and since this is my first one I am now quite interested by this concept in books, I do love reading about dystopian worlds and this one left me wanting to know more and more. Though it took me a while to actually finish this book, it is actually an amazing read and the experience would’ve been much better if I didn’t take as long, but I’m just a really slow reader so it’s my fault.

Scarlet, the main character was quite calm considering everything that she’s going through, one of them being clueless on everything. The cyborgs that she lived with all had quite a different view of her which makes it much more interesting. There is however a love triangle in this book which I am sure if some people will completely hate, but to me I felt like there was just enough of it and it wasn’t too overwhelming.

Flashbacks are quite essential since Scarlet has lost her memories of the past 20 years. I personally do not like reading flashbacks, but in this one I didn’t mind because the way it is incorporated to the story works really well and the writing didn’t make it tedious. I wouldn’t say that the writing is the most phenomenal but it is great especially considering that this is the author’s first novel.

The ending felt like it was quite rushed and it left me quite confused, especially since at the time I wasn’t aware that this was going to be a trilogy, but now that I know, I’ll be looking forward on what’s to come as I am left needing the next book after finishing this one. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that is into sci-fi or dystopian with cyborgs. Even if you’re not a fan of these things, it is still worth the read!





Reviewed by: Ardini

Instagram: @picturesoflovelybooks_


Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Sci-Fi, Young Adult

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