Gated by Matt drabble

Michael and Emily are a normal couple who move to a new home overseas. Originally from England, they decide to take the plunge on an idyllic town in America after suffering a miscarriage. Looking for a new start, they find it in Eden, a tiny town which is secluded from the rest of the world. Everything is perfect there - perfect homes, perfect people - or so it seems.

Everything is almost too perfect. The town is 'stepford' creepy and they soon realise that something is not quite right after their neighbour 'commits suicide' unexpectedly. Then there's the creepy town mayor and the sheriff, who takes punishment a little too seriously...

'Gated' is my first novel by the author, and it held my attention straight away. During flashback chapters, we see how the town became what it is today, the horrific history behind the present. The mystery of what was going on kept me interested, though I did figure out what was going to happen to Michael and Emily long before they did (not sure if that was supposed to happen or not). Overall, I enjoyed the book. Slightly predictable, but entertaining none the less. I did however, feel intrigued by the epilogue. Where did the email come from?!

One thing it did slightly remind me of is the latest American Horror Story season (Roanoke).



Reviewed by: georgia payne 

United Kingdom
Twitter: @GeorgiaP_Author


Genre: Fiction, Horror, Thriller

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