Harmonies of War by Ruby Fitzgerald


It is rare for me to finish a book in just two days, but I managed to do so with Harmonies of War by Ruby Fitzgerald.

The author's debut, this is quite an easy fantasy read, however, with enough plot twists and magic to keep me on my toes, I really enjoyed the book and it provided a great escape in just under three hundred pages.

I would have loved even more detail and depth, as I feel like I just got a taste of who the characters were and what they could do. I would am definitely craving more, and perhaps if the book was longer or part of a series (with a prequel even!), it would have received a higher rating. The plot also seemed to blur a bit towards the end and I began to lose track of all of the characters amongst the action, which I think can be fixed with just more pages!

Overall, Harmonies of War is a very enjoyable read, ideal for a lazy afternoon, and I genuinely look forward to what Fitzgerald does next!

For anyone who loves Game of Thrones or the Throne of Glass (Sarah J. Maas) series, this is a must-read!




Reviewed by: Amalia Cole

Sydney, Australia
Instagram: @malireads


Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Read in One Day

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