men without women by ernest hemingway


One of Hemingway's earliest works, Men Without Women is a collection of short stories touching on the themes of war, boxing, bull-fighting and conversations of the 1920's.

While it was a very short novel, I still had to push myself through some moments. But by the end, I was surprised by how memorable this book was, and the stories that stayed with me. Perhaps that comes with reading classics - I read a quote somewhere that pointed out while we sometimes may not be entertained when reading classic novels, they are classics for a reason, and they are important because of the cultural marks they made in history. Hemingway's writing is so beautiful, and there is good reason for his fame and success through history.

A worthwhile read.



Reviewed by: Amalia Cole

Sydney, Australia
Instagram: @malireads


Genre: Classics, Fiction, Quick Read, Short Stories

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