modern romance by aziz ansari


This book covers Aziz Ansari's research into romance in the modern age. Looking at how technology has changed how we date, this book is full of statistics and Ansari's collection of thoughts on what it is like to date in the twenty-first century.

One thing to note - this book isn't very funny. I almost feel for Ansari because everyone simply expects him to make them laugh, and therefore has been quite critical of this novel's lack of humour - but I don't think he intended for it to be a comedic piece. This has stumped many fans of Ansari as it reads more like a science non-fiction novel, and while very interesting, I admit that my own high expectations of the book are what left me slightly disappointed.

It is definitely worth a read if this is a topic you are interested in - a critique on modern technology in the dating world - just read it for the information, not for a laugh.



Reviewed by: Amalia Cole

Sydney, Australia
Instagram: @malireads


Genre: Contemporary, Non-Fiction

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